Collaboration Is Key For A Successful Solution

Janae Olson Featured

The DI Labs team recently partnered with Marcus Construction on the development and production of a Dry Fertilizer Building Scale Model. By collaborating with the Marcus sales and marketing team, we were able to understand their goals and objectives to deliver a solution to meet their needs. The model was printed in full color and included removable roofs, realistic features …

Fitting Design to Enhance Core Product

Janae Olson Featured, Product Development

Our client manufactures a metal product that requires a plastic fitting. The current fitting was aesthetically unappealing and detracted from the streamlined look of our client’s product. We solved that problem by custom designing a new fitting that couples from the inside and can be colorized to match the metal. solution: a full-service solution from custom design to rapid prototyping …

Prototype for New Product Pitch Using MJF Technology in 24 Hours

Janae Olson Featured

Our client was presented with an opportunity to pitch a new product idea to a major customer but didn’t have a prototype. We were able to adjust their design files for additive and print a finish-quality prototype with our Multi Jet Fusion technology within 24 hours of their request. solution: design adjustments for additive in order to print a prototype …

High Performance, Fast Turn Option for Thermoform Tooling

Janae Olson Featured

Our client was using wood to produce thermoform tooling and they were looking for a faster, more efficient option. We redesigned their project for additive then printed a high-performance nylon mold with our Multi Jet Fusion technology. This saved the client weeks of production time to create a mold that’s capable of producing 3x the tooling of its wood counterpart. …

Custom Designed, Tested and Printed Tool in 24 Hours

Janae Olson Featured

Our client needed an immediate solution for cutting product coming off the manufacturing line. Their current process was inefficient and left a ragged edge, which would not pass a customer inspection happening in just 24 hours. Our team designed, tested and delivered customized cutting tool to the plant floor by the next day, giving our client the ability to save …

Every Detail Matters: Tradeshow Model

Janae Olson Featured

The DI team recently completed a project for a local manufacturing company who was seeking a scale model to showcase one of their systems. The customer wanted to find a way to share their offering at tradeshows and other events across the globe (not so easy to do when the system itself spans four stories tall). What was our Solution: …

Reduced Components, Labor and Costs

DI Labs Customer Service Featured

Our client purchased a product business with overly complex and labor intensive products. We redesigned the product line to eliminate components and significantly reduce labor allowing him to streamline his business. solution: streamlined product line to save labor and material costs resulting in a more profitable business  

Additive Production Saves Time & Cost

DI Labs Customer Service Featured

A recreational vehicle manufacturer needed design flexibility and cost efficiency while developing a new product. We identified the least cost solution for low volume production saving significant capital expenses with Multi-Jet Fusion printing.

4′ Long IndyCar Trim Prototype

DI Labs Customer Service Featured

An IndyCar race team needed to do track testing on a 4-foot-long section of trim for the cockpit. We redesigned the part into multiple interlocking components to allow printing and provide the assembled strength for track testing.

Doubling The Speed of 3D Printing

Luke Geiger Featured

Our design & development team worked directly with a 3D printer manufacturer to build, test and custom-fit an electromechanical system that allowed them to offer an entirely new line of industrial 3D printers.