3D Printed Sleeves Keep Product Launch on Track

Betsy Bonnema Digital Manufacturing, Featured, Product Development

“Designing and producing 3D printed sleeves for our client’s perforator wheels was 1/7th the capital investment and many weeks faster than custom machining new wheels.” Project Brief Our client manufactures plastic tubing and was scaling the launch of a new product which was being produced on existing equipment. As they were testing their downstream manufacturing setup, they discovered that their …

Aeroponic Basket Design Advances Organic Strategy & Increases Productivity

Luke Geiger Digital Manufacturing, Featured, Product Development

“Through rapid iteration and testing we far surpassed our original design goals for organic by also increasing yields and growth speeds.” Project Brief Lettuce Abound is a Minnesota company and pioneer in organic farming. Recently, they began using aeroponics as part of a forward-looking expansion strategy. They came to DI Labs for a custom-designed aeroponic basket that would hold an …

Custom Designed Tradeshow Display Engages Audience

Janae Olson Featured

Our client needed to feature a very unique product for residential construction applications at a national tradeshow. We designed a solution that not only showcased the assembled product in a simulated construction setting but included a central monitor with a looping testimonial video. The display attracted a record number of prospects resulting in an extremely successful show. solution: DI Labs provided an end-to-end …

Product Redesign Vastly Reduces Components, Labor and Costs

Janae Olson Featured

Our client purchased a business featuring an overly complex and labor-intensive product line. He brought it to DI Labs looking for ways to streamline manufacturing and assembly, which would ultimately reduce costs and improve margins. Our solution was to redesign the main component of the product which ultimately allowed us to replace 15 parts with one, newly-designed, injection-molded part. solution: …

Visionary Perspective Helps Clients and Teams See Things Differently

Janae Olson Featured

DI Labs Co-Founder & President, Carl Douglass, recently facilitated a team retreat for a marketing agency in order to realign their team, brainstorm about future opportunities, establish accountabilities, set new goals and openly share ideas. He was asked to lead the event based on his ability to see the big picture, connect the dots and provide an outside perspective. It’s …

Scaled Model Supports Sales Team at National Tradeshow

Janae Olson Featured

The DI Labs digital manufacturing team partnered with Marcus Construction on the development and production of a scaled model of their innovative Dry Fertilizer Building Design. The model would be a strategic marketing tool at the Agricultural Retailers Association Conference and Expo in Boca Raton, Florida. DI Labs collaborated closely with the Marcus team in order to understand the critical …

New Fitting Design to Enhance Core Product

Janae Olson Featured, Product Development

Our client manufactures a metal product that requires a plastic fitting. The current fitting was aesthetically unappealing and detracted from the streamlined look of our client’s product. We solved that problem by custom designing a new fitting that couples from the inside and can be colorized to match the metal. solution: DI Labs provided a full-service solution from custom design …

New Product Prototype Needed and Delivered in 24 Hours

Janae Olson Featured

Our client was presented with an opportunity to pitch a new product idea to a major customer but didn’t have a prototype. The DI Labs team was able to adjust their design files for digital manufacturing and print a finish-quality prototype within 24 hours of their request.

High Performance, Fast Turn Option for Thermoform Tooling

Janae Olson Featured

Our client was using wood to produce thermoform tooling and was looking for a faster, more efficient option. They came to DI Labs to explore the use of digital manufacturing. We redesigned their tooling project to work on our 3D printing technology then digitally manufactured a mold made from high-performance nylon. Our technology saved the client weeks of production time …

Custom Designed Downstream Manufacturing Tool Delivered in 24 Hours

Janae Olson Featured

Our client manufactures a plastic product that requires hand-cutting at the end of the production line. The knife solution they were using was unsafe and created a ragged edge on the plastic. With one of their best customers coming for an inspection within 24 hours, they had an immediate, urgent need for a cutting solution that would consistently produce a …