Aeroponic Basket Design Advances Organic Strategy & Increases Productivity

Through rapid iteration and testing we far surpassed our original design goals for organic by also increasing yields and growth speeds.

Project Brief

Lettuce Abound is a Minnesota company and pioneer in organic farming. Recently, they began using aeroponics as part of a forward-looking expansion strategy. They came to DI Labs for a custom-designed aeroponic basket that would hold an organic grow medium and could be produced in volume as they scaled.

Over a period of three months, DI Labs delivered 10 iterations of new basket designs, each in quantities of 1,600 units. This allowed the customer to thoroughly test the versions in full production, track performance and provide feedback. DI Lab’s final design not only helped Lettuce Abound go fully organic but delivered additional value by increasing lettuce production by 30% while decreasing growing time.

Project Details

Project Demands
  • Design must hold organic grow medium & support healthy plant root system
  • Must be easy to handle & clean
  • Need 1,600 units per order to accommodate production cycles
  • Must be ready for full production in less than 6 months
DI Labs Solutions
  • 16,000 Functional prototypes for full scale testing
  • Increased planting and harvest efficiency
  • Increased crop yield and growth rate
  • Created full organic growth solution
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Finishing

Product Photos

Deeper Insights