About Us

DI Labs specializes in product development, additive manufacturing and reverse engineering. Headquartered in Spicer, Minnesota, DI Labs has been serving clients across the nation by utilizing cutting-edge technologies including 3D scanning and Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing. With over 50 years of combined experience in product development, marketing, design, engineering, and plastics, DI Labs believes there’s always a solution.

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Core Values

Our core values represent how we approach our work, and how we partner with teammates, clients and suppliers. We believe passion, humility and adaptability are the key ingredients to creating a meaningful experience and solving problems.


We Are Passionate About Solving Problems

We enjoy complex challenges and big objectives. We immerse ourselves into problems to develop deep insights and remarkable solutions. We value diverse perspectives and a collaborative team approach to solve problems. We strive to make a difference in the world in our own unique way.


We Have Humility and Hunger to Learn

We express gratitude and recognize the value of others. We seek and provide honest feedback and continuously look for ways to improve. We value openness and curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere. We take the initiative to find answers and learn from both our mistakes and successes.


We Are Adaptable and Embrace Ambiguity

We understand that business moves quickly with the dynamic evolution of project needs & objectives; we embrace these conditions and pivot to leverage the changes to our advantage. We are comfortable with uncomfortable because we know there’s always a solution.


DI Labs was founded in 2013 by brothers, Carl and Brian Douglass. Two years later we were joined by Sean, the third Douglass brother. Together, we are continuing a family legacy of hard work, creativity and visionary leadership set forth by our father.  

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Carl Douglass III, P.E.

Carl is a licensed professional engineer with nearly two decades of experience developing products, optimizing manufacturing processes, and leading teams. He has a unique depth of knowledge in polymer science, manufacturing methods and product design. Carl focuses on visionary strategy development for business planning, marketing and product development opportunities.

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Brian Douglass

Brian is an inventor with with nearly 15 years of extensive experience in precision electro-mechanical system design, diagnostics and repair. He is a detail-oriented product developer and problem solver with the ability to identify unique opportunities for improvements within complex systems. Brian focuses on creating, testing and iterating strategic design solutions.

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“The Douglass brothers are very passionate about coming up with the right solution or the solution that fits what you’re trying to solve. In fact, they are very passionate about thinking beyond that solution and into what you didn’t even think was possible.”

“The DI Labs team created a 3D model for my organization that included every small detail to make it perfect (addition of lights, branded decals, a secure case for traveling, color for visual appeal, and detailed instructions on how to handle the model). They quickly gained my trust after establishing our relationship and were always one step ahead of me in planning the solution to meet my needs. They exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

“We had an exceptional experience working with the team at DI Labs. ‘There’s always a solution’ describes perfectly how this team works. Our 3D model is incredible and we confidently recommend DI Labs for not only their creativity and talent, but for being a team with strong values.”

"They just have the it factor when it comes to hands on stuff. The product that I made was formerly 15 components they looked at it and immediately recognized the idea of a one piece molded product. They eliminated 1,000 hours of labor and it's less expensive."

"One of the benefits we receive from DI Labs is their ability to think through very complex situations, just a willingness to listen, a willingness to learn and be available for whatever tomorrow might bring. The Douglass brothers have very creative minds and bring different things to the table. They prove their value through delivering results and they really are a solutions provider."