Solutionology Culture


We believe there’s always a solution

DI Labs has a unique culture driven by a concept we call solutionology, defined below:

Solutionology: the artful science of advanced problem solving located at the intersection of critical thinking and creative reasoning. The belief that there is always a solution and one does not rest until the problem is solved, often resulting in something that didn't already exist in the realm of possibility.

Each team member is considered to be a “solutionologist” and expected to approach their role as a problem solver and a thinker, not just a do-er. This creates an atmosphere of extreme ownership and accountability to the work being done and the results expected.   


Our core values


  • believe “there’s always a solution”
  • enjoy complex challenges and big objectives
  • develop deep insights through constant learning
  • be open and curious to learn from anyone, anywhere


  • express gratitude and recognize the value of others
  • seek and provide honest feedback
  • value diverse perspectives and collaboration
  • gain valuable insights from mistakes and successes


  • be adaptable to quickly changing circumstances
  • embrace the dynamic evolution of projects
  • be comfortable with the discomfort of ambiguity
  • have resilient courage in the face of difficulty

The story behind our culture

The DI Labs culture is like none other and can be hard to describe. It's what makes us different and what drives our highly innovative, creative and relentless approach to problem solving. Listen to this podcast-style conversation with Co-Founders Carl & Brian Douglass to learn more. Here are a few excerpts:

"We're building a foundation from scratch. There are always new problems that need to be solved that we've never seen before and we're all responsible to play a role in solving those problems."
- Brian Douglass, COO

"We're on the cutting edge in our industry, so a lot of the things we are doing - we are the very first ones. We're the first ones to develop a process, to use the equipment, to sell the solution."
- Carl Douglass, CEO