Product Innovation


Our highly experienced team has been living and breathing engineering for over 15 years. We understand the challenges that startups and established companies face trying to innovate in today's fast-paced and changing markets. Their resources are often spread too thin to give product development the intense focus, design expertise and creative strategy that it requires to be successful. That's where we come in. We walk clients through an established DI Labs new product development process that allows for long-term planning with fast-paced results. As solutionologists, we take innovation very seriously and work collaboratively with our clients to ensure their success.


Our vast amount of experience in engineering, design, marketing and plastics combined with our in-house technology lab allows us to step into new product development in a wide variety of roles, from support to full leadership.

  • Market Strategy
  • Market/IP Research
  • Concept Development
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain


Product Development Concept Validation Scale


Our process for product development always starts with looking at the problem being solved from every possible angle. We combine that multi-faceted perspective with market research, industry insights, technical exploration and creative brainstorming to build a working concept that can be tested and iterated.


The concept is now designed and built into a form that can be tested and validated for function, performance and appeal. Rapid prototyping is one of our specialties, and with our proprietary locking system, we can build full-scale dimensionally-accurate mock-ups of even the most complex product or part.


Now the process becomes highly collaborative as we finalize the product design and work closely with clients to transition the product into full-scale production. Our final solution includes evaluating the best manufacturing methods, vendor sourcing, design customization and planning for future product enhancements or versions.


"Not only have they improved our product line, but they improved our process in the meantime."

-- Heather Christensen, Prinsco

"They eliminated a thousand hours of labor and it's less expensive (to produce). If anyone ever had an idea... I know exactly where I'm going to turn. It'd be right back out here."

-- Jim Blomquist, Advantage Products

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