3D Printed Sleeves Keep Product Launch on Track

Designing and producing 3D printed sleeves for our client’s perforator wheels was 1/7th the capital investment and many weeks faster than custom machining new wheels.

Project Brief

Our client manufactures plastic tubing and was scaling the launch of a new product which was being produced on existing equipment. As they were testing their downstream manufacturing setup, they discovered that their existing equipment would not perforate the new product without modifications. This problem could potentially cost them considerable capital and months of precious time to solve.

Our team used 3D scanning to reverse engineer the equipment and design adapter sleeves for their existing downstream perforator wheels at 1/7th the cost of new machined wheels. The sleeves were designed, iterated and 3D printed in just a few weeks, allowing our client to maintain their competitive advantage by launching their new product version on time.

Project Details

Project Demands
  • Design had unique geometries with organic shapes
  • Sleeve had to fit perfectly over existing perforator wheels
  • Solution was needed in just two weeks
  • Sleeve had to withstand the demands of a high volume manufacturing environment
DI Labs Solutions
  • Delivered a solution in just weeks vs several months
  • Used 3D scanning to reverse engineer and design a perfectly fitted wheel sleeve
  • Kept the client’s product launch on track and ahead of the competition
  • Capable of being a long-term solution
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Finishing

Deeper Insights