PAEK: The Superhero of Ultra-High-Performance Materials

Solutionology Podcast: Episode #15 | 57 min


If you’ve had experience with ultra-high-performance PEEK materials, or come from an industrial application with harsh chemical and thermal conditions, this conversation is for you. In Episode 15 of the Solutionology Podcast, we talk with Robert McKay and Silvia Berretta from Victrex, the company that invented PEEK in the 1980s. Both have extensive experience with the material and have been instrumental in launching PAEK, an ultra-high-performance option to PEEK with increased printability and a more flexible processing window. In fact, the Victrex AM™ 200 PAEK is now a Stratasys-validated material.

At DI Labs, we spend much of our time solving problems for demanding applications and have experienced considerable challenges printing with PEEK. This is important because we believe the processing ease and flexibility offered by PAEK could vastly accelerate the adoption of additive across applications like aerospace, defense, medical, heavy industrial, and electronics.

Learn how PAEK is a true additive manufacturing superhero!

PAEK at DI Labs: