Opportunities with Engineered Materials with Nathan Litmer

Free The Fortus Podcast: Episode #2 | 31 min


Welcome to the “Free the Fortus” Podcast, fueled by the Stratasys #OpenAM Validated Materials Beta underway at DI Labs. We’re a Stratasys global launch partner for this groundbreaking program that will free the Fortus 450MC of its closed system limitations and unlock the potential of the industry’s most powerful FDM platform.

The Stratasys #OpenAM Beta will give DI Labs unprecedented freedom to modify the process settings and other adjustments necessary to successfully run new, highly engineered materials such as PAEK, PEKK and Glass Filled Nylon 6/66. It’s never been done and we’re confident that the outcome will change what’s possible for additive manufacturing in service of high-performance industries like medical device, aerospace, electronics, industrial and automotive industries.

Our second guest is Nate Litmer, KIMYA Business Development Manager North America. He explains the role engineered materials are playing in the expansion and advancement of additive solutions for high-end applications.

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  • 00:29 Welcome Back
  • 00:51 Update on Week One Beta Program
  • 02:48 Running the OpenAM interface
  • 03:19 Our guest today
  • 04:46 We need more problem solvers
  • 05:31 Introducing Nate Litmer
  • 6:54 About KIMYA – Materials, Lab & Factory
  • 7:47 Utilizing additive in industrial manufacturing
  • 8:42 Increasing efficiencies & change the mindset
  • 9:26 Materials vs Factory customers
  • 10:57 The process for running new materials
  • 11:55 Pairing a reliable system with high quality products
  • 12:19 Variability of open systems
  • 13:16 Opportunities for scaling production
  • 14:01 Supply chain issues solved with additive
  • 15:45 Paradigm shift from traditional to additive
  • 16:48 Application examples with engineered materials
  • 18:30 Challenges with open source equipment
  • 19:23 Technical team required
  • 20:41 Getting the first successful part out
  • 21:37 Enabling challenging applications
  • 22:08 Missed opportunities in our industry
  • 23:16 Working with a new generation
  • 24:55 Being less reliant on the laggard legacy supply chain
  • 25:49 Future for KIMYA with materials
  • 27:40 Engineered materials and Fortus open opportunities
  • 28:26 More materials for the validated materials beta
  • 29:34 Thanks for your time