Introducing Ultra White

Solutionology Podcast: Episode #6 | 17 min


In this episode we share some exciting news about the latest advancements in additive solutions at DI Labs. We’ve added Ultra White to our core capabilities powered by HP’s 5420W, a new generation of Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology that is currently being launched at FormNext in Germany! We’re proud to be an HP beta partner and the first in North America to run this new technology and help get it to market.

The addition of Ultra White gives DI Labs another valuable tool in our toolbox for high-end applications like medical device and automotive where white parts are an essential aesthetic.

Watch and listen to see some of the Ultra White parts we’ve printed, several of which are currently on display at the HP booth at FormNext, and learn more about the strategic advantages of this new solution.

Full press release:…

More about Ultra White:


  • 00:34 Welcome & big news
  • 00:48 What is Ultra White
  • 01:31 Selected for HP Beta
  • 03:30 What is the 5420W
  • 03:56 Legacy of white parts
  • 04:29 Parts so far & advantages
  • 05:31 Compared to SLS
  • 06:35 Resolution to support our texturizing
  • 08:46 Texture for ergonomics
  • 09:17 Benefits to medical industry
  • 10:10 Surface treatment maintains white color
  • 11:12 Color uniformity
  • 11:44 Parts on table – surface quality
  • 12:48 Dyeing creates brilliant colors
  • 13:42 Excited to be an HP partner
  • 14:26 MJF scales well
  • 14:57 Our parts at FormNext
  • 15:59 Contact us for Ultra White