Material: Metal – 304 L Stainless Steel


Metal – 304 L Stainless Steel

304 L is a low carbon stainless steel known for its resistance in corrosive environments. It has good machinability and weldability. This material is common in industry which require equipment for processing and handling food, beverages, dairy, and pharmaceutical products. Other common applications of 304 L include piping, tanks, equipment exposed to water, heat exchangers, heavy gauge components, saucepans, springs, screws, nuts, bolts, sinks, tubing, and cutlery.

Yield Strength
(ASTM D638 (Polymer), ASTM E9 (Metal))

  • 430 Mpa
  • 62.4 Ksi

(ASTM D638)

  • 530 Mpa
  • 76 Ksi