Material: Nylon PA12 Glass Bead Reinforced


Nylon PA12 Glass Bead Reinforced

Nylon Polyamide (PA) 12 with Glass Bead is a stiff, durable material perfect for functional prototypes and end-use parts requiring greater stiffness than standard PA12 with greater thermal dimensional stability. PA12 GB with 40% glass bead content is ideally suited for housings, jigs, fixtures, and consumer products, especially dimensionally critical products subject to varying temperature conditions. In addition to the increased stiffness, PA12 GB does not expand or contract as much as standard PA12 due to the glass bead thermal expansion properties. Additionally, PA12 GB parts can be dyed, mechanically smoothed, and vapor smoothed to create end-use parts with the perfect surface finish.
  • Provides dimensional stability along with repeatability.
  • Ideal for applications requiring high stiffness like enclosures and housings, fixtures, and tooling.
  • Designed for the production of functional parts across a variety of industries.
  • Engineered to produce common glass bead applications with detail and dimensional accuracy.
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Flexural Modulus
(ASTM D790)

  • 2400 Mpa
  • 348 Ksi

Flexural Strength
(ASTM D790)

  • 57.5 Mpa
  • 8.34 Ksi

Tensile Modulus
(ASTM D638)

  • 2500 Mpa
  • 363 Ksi

Impact Resistance - Notched Izod
(ASTM D256 Method B)

  • 3 KJ/M2
  • 1.43 FT-LB/IN2

Heat Deflection - Temperature
(0.455 MPa (66 Psi), ASTM D648)

  • 174 °C
  • 345 °F

Heat Deflection - Temperature
(1.82 MPa (264 Psi), ASTM D648)

  • 114 °C
  • 237 °F

(ASTM D2240)

  • 82 Shore D


  • 1.3 (G/Cm3)