Material: Continuous Fiber Fiberglass


Continuous Fiber Fiberglass

Entry-level Continuous Fiber for industrial applications
Fiberglass is a Continuous Fiber —a material capable of yielding parts 10x stronger than ABS when laid into a Composite Base material like Onyx. Fiberglass is the flagship material of the Onyx Pro and X5 and printable on the Mark Two and X7, providing a more affordable alternative to Carbon Fiber.
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Flexural Modulus
(ASTM D790)

  • 22000 Mpa
  • 3191 Ksi

Flexural Strength
(ASTM D790)

  • 200 Mpa
  • 29 Ksi

Tensile Modulus
(ASTM D638)

  • 21000 Mpa
  • 3046 Ksi

Heat Deflection - Temperature
(0.455 MPa (66 Psi), ASTM D648)

  • 105 °C
  • 221 °F


  • 1.5 (G/Cm3)

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