DI Labs Adds High Resolution, Industrial 3D Scanning Technology

APRIL 2018: DI Labs is once again expanding their technology portfolio with the addition of high-resolution 3D scanning. They have purchased two Artec industrial scanners which are some of the most advanced in the industry. This new technology allows them to capture and record the exact size, surface quality and structure of physical objects then convert them to digital 3-dimensional computer models. The models are used for reverse engineering, design optimization, quality inspection, or recreation use on their high end 3D printer.

This new equipment allows DI Labs to exponentially expand their scope of services because of the way 3D scanning empowers their team to solve problems and innovate.

“With the addition of 3D scanning, we are not dependent on original 3D computer models to manufacture existing parts, jumpstart new product development, or reverse engineer existing products. It really opens doors and fast-tracks our ability to develop solutions for our customers.” says Carl Douglas, co-founder of DI Labs.

Last fall, DI Labs also became one of the first companies in Minnesota to own and offer Multi Jet Fusion technology, which is high performance 3D printing.

“The combination of our high resolution scanners paired with our MJF printing technology is really powerful. It allows us to save clients even more time and upfront costs compared to traditional manufacturing and new product development. And the finish quality, detail and tolerance levels of the final result are outstanding!” explains co-founder, Brian Douglass.

Applications for this level of 3D scanning can currently be found in industrial manufacturing, aerospace, , automotive, medical device, consumer product markets. The DI Labs team is serving clients in each of those markets which made the technology expansion necessary. DI Lab’s unique niche is the pairing of cutting edge technology with full-scale design, product development, and engineering services. “We understand these advanced technologies and how to apply them to create solutions to our customers problems. We will continue to expand our technologies and our team as we strive to be a one-stop- shop for our clients.” adds Carl.

DI Labs is headquartered in Spicer, Minnesota and owned by Carl, Brian and Sean Douglass, who are brothers and partners. They have been in business for almost five years and have been steadily growing their team, facilities and technologies.