Marketing Leave-Behind

Aaron Rogers

This DI Labs marketing leave-behind is a 3-dimensional logo printed on a fully connected ring. It showcases how Multi Jet Fusion technology can print complex, functional parts with Nylon PA11.


Aaron Rogers

This part was printed with Multi Jet Fusion technology to showcase the flexibility and strength of Estane TPU material.

Watch Bands

Aaron Rogers

These watchbands were printed on the Carbon DLS to test the flexibility and stretch of SIL 30, which has excellent elongation properties.

Electronic Housing

Aaron Rogers

Epoxy resin printed on the Carbon DLS creates a rigid, protective housing for electronics.

Shoe Midsole

Aaron Rogers

This shoe midsole features an energy-returning, tear-proof lattice structure printed with Carbon DLS technology using EPU 41 material.

Face Mask

Luke Geiger

This face mask prototype was printed with Nylon PA12 then vapor smoothed to create a sealed, sanitizable surface.