Finishing: Vapor Smoothing


Vapor Smoothing

Chemical vapor smoothing has significantly advanced the use of additive manufacturing, opening doors in new markets and applications. It's a world-class surface finishing technology that smooths and seals the surface of 3D printed polymer parts giving them the look of feel of injection molding. Vapor smoothed surfaces are water-resistant, sanitizable, and can be certified for skin and food contact. The process can be applied to complex geometries and internal cavities of thermoplastic parts without degrading the mechanical properties. We use vapor smoothing for high-performance applications such as medical, aerospace and consumer goods, but find that almost any part can benefit from the improved surface quality and richness of color that vapor smoothing provides.


  • Fully sealed surface
  • Water resistant
  • Sanitizable
  • Food safe
  • Skin safe

Surface Roughness

Smooth and sealed

Special Considerations

  • Slightly darkens part color
  • Small features can sometimes warp