DI Labs Announces Addition of New Technology, Expanded Material and Growing Team

DECEMBER 2018: DI Labs announced the addition of Minnesota’s first HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) to their additive manufacturing capabilities. Since then, they have invested in several additional 3D printers; most recently adding an HP Jet Fusion 3D 4210 Printing system. The additional machine allows for greater production flexibility and allows them to offer additional materials like Nylon PA 12 Glass Bead. “We have the ability to provide exceptional service and production solutions in as little as 24 hours for companies who need the agility of a more iterative design and product development process, or the efficiency of overnight turnaround for custom-designed parts,” says Carl Douglass, Co-Founder & President at DI Labs. “Being the first company in Minnesota to utilize Nylon PA 12 Glass Bead enables us to provide solutions with greater strength and stiffness for demanding applications.”

Serving the manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, architectural, electronics, medical device and durable goods industries, DI Labs has established a proven process for developing unique prototypes such as a full-size aircraft fuselage, trim for an IndyCar cockpit (which was 4-feet-long), intricate tradeshow model displays and more. “For companies seeking to produce engineering-grade parts on short notice with quick turnaround, the MJF technology paired with DI Lab’s full-scale design, product development, and engineering services provides clients with advanced solutions to any challenge they may be facing,” says Brian Douglass, Co-Founder & Solutionologist at DI Labs.

With the recent expansion of technology capacity at the lab, DI is currently looking to add curious and passionate people to their team of solutionologists. If you’ve ever had a desire to work out of a horse barn, now’s your chance. DI Labs provides a unique company culture complete with a pool table, beer keg and dress code that involves coming to work in what you feel best in. “I recently left the corporate workforce after nearly 15 years and highly recommend taking a look at DI Labs to anyone who is driven to make a difference, doesn’t care for a lot of structure and enjoys diving into finding solutions to problems,” says Janae Olson, Solutionologist.

About HP Multi Jet Fusion:
Multi Jet Fusion is a new era of manufacturing by providing high volume, consumer-ready parts as an alternative option to costly injection molding. It can also build highly sophisticated, functional prototypes and parts with extreme precision and speed. Multi Jet Fusion is a thermoplastic powder-based material and technology which will take the place of injection molding for production needs that don’t justify the overhead of expensive molds and set-up fees. It offers the same strength and finish quality of injection molded parts with turnaround times as short as 24 hours.