Solutionology Podcast: Episode #4 | The “Art” of Onboarding Materials & Technologies

Betsy Bonnema

This episode marks an important transition! The DI Labs podcast was previously built around the Stratasys OpenAM beta running at our facility. But as die-hard problem solvers, we’re broadening the scope. It’s been renamed the Solutionology podcast, allowing us to interview all types of guests and share our problem-solving perspective on a wide variety of topics such as innovating for unique applications, bringing on new technologies, optimizing for new materials, and growing our business. Thanks for joining us on the journey!

In this conversation, the three Douglass brothers, who are owners of the business, provide an update on the “Free the Fortus” OpenAM beta. That leads them into a much deeper discussion about just what it takes to onboard new materials and new technologies. Enjoy!