Free The Fortus Podcast: Episode #3 | A Deep Dive into Material Innovation

Betsy Bonnema

Welcome to the “Free the Fortus” Podcast, fueled by the Stratasys #OpenAM Validated Materials Beta underway at DI Labs. We’re a Stratasys global launch partner for this groundbreaking program that will free the Fortus 450MC of its closed system limitations and unlock the potential of the industry’s most powerful FDM platform.

Our third guest is Matt Howlett, the President/Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at 3DXTECH, a leader in material development for fused filament printers. He started the company in 2014 with specialty material formulations that focus on functionality. Their goal is to make the most innovative filaments on the market – targeting difficult end-use applications where functionality is king.

The Stratasys #OpenAM Beta gives DI Labs unprecedented freedom to modify the process settings and other adjustments necessary to successfully run a wide range of new, highly engineered materials such as PAEK, PEKK and Glass Filled Nylon 6/66. It’s never been done and we’re confident that the outcome will change what’s possible for additive manufacturing in service of high-performance industries like medical device, aerospace, electronics, industrial and automotive industries.