VaporFuse Surfacing

Revolutionary finishing technology

      Sealed and washable parts with injection molded-like surfaces

DI Labs is pioneering the use of a revolutionary post-processing system for 3D printed parts called the DyeMansion Powerfuse S. We are first in the world to own a machine and offer VaporFuse Surfacing technology to serve the fast-paced, high performance needs of our clients looking for a strategic alternative to injection molding.

Our approach to technology expansion is extremely market-driven. As the demand for accelerated development and manufacturing continues to escalate, we are committed to taking risks and blazing new trails in the product development and digital manufacturing industry. The DyeMansion Powerfuse S coupled with our full portfolio of printing technologies allows us to provide digitally manufactured parts with unrivaled surface quality and color.

Video and image material by DyeMansion

Industries & Applications

  • Medical Devices
  • Automotive Parts
  • Food Service
  • Food Packaging
  • Industrial Parts
  • Sporting Goods
  • Consumer Goods

Unique Advantages

  • Fulfill industrial health & safety standards
  • Approved for food contact
  • Sealed, washable surfaces
  • Injection mold quality
  • Scratch-resistant & water-repellent
  • 86% improvement in surface smoothness

Surface Visualizer

Image material by DyeMansion


Image material by DyeMansion