DI Labs Leverages Additive Manufacturing to Offer Mass Customization Through New Consumer Brand: Threedom™

February 15, 2021: A passion for all things automotive fueled by a cutting edge 3D printing and product innovation lab has inspired the launch of an entirely new consumer brand. This month DI Labs introduces Threedom, an online platform offering customers the freedom to completely customize the 3D printed products they order.

Achieving mass customization capabilities has been a strategic objective for DI Labs for several years. Threedom is the realization of that objective and is fueled by DI Lab’s portfolio of commercial 3D printing technologies, advanced finishing capabilities, and full-scale production machines. The idea was sparked by an experience DI Labs co-founder Carl Douglass had after purchasing a 2020 Jeep Gladiator. He explains, “I loved the truck but was immediately frustrated by the large size and design of the key fob. It was a detail that really took away from the experience of owning the new Jeep.”

DI Labs product designer and co-founder Brian Douglass offered to redesign the Jeep key fob as a fun side project, but his work eventually set the stage for a completely new consumer brand built around mass customization. Brian says, “We discovered that our new key fob designs were in demand by other Jeep owners who also wanted the option to choose their fob’s style, color and texture. With our full suite of additive manufacturing technologies, Carl and I quickly realized this was the perfect project to test our mass customization vision and offer customizable 3D printed products directly to passionate consumers such as Jeep-lovers in niche markets across all industries.”

Mass customization, which is the process of tailor-making products for individual customers on demand with lead times comparable to mass production, is a rapidly expanding trend that has accelerated in recent years due to the advancement of additive manufacturing technologies.

Carl says, “We’re in an exciting place. In just the last 12 months we’ve brought on some of the world’s most cutting-edge additive technologies and are using them in combinations that create never-before-seen results. We are starting with the key fob project as an MVP but the sky’s the limit in terms of product types and customizable features we can now provide at scale. We can print hundreds and even thousands of parts at a time and each one can be a little bit different based on the customer’s unique specifications.”

Threedom products currently feature automotive accessories with planned expansion into other markets throughout 2021. You can find them at MyThreedom.com