SciTechsperience Internship Provides a Great Foundation While Serving Client Needs

NOVEMBER 2018: Since its founding in 2013, DI labs has specialized its services around product development, working with its clients from concept to market, designing the products, manufacturing them and testing them for quality assurance.

SciTechsperience interns Joseph Fernandez and Matthew Pearce joined the Douglass brothers this last summer to assist with engineering projects and learn more about product testing and design.

“It’s actually somewhat serendipitous from my perspective,” Carl Douglass said, “As we’ve had projects for both Mathew and Joseph, those projects have been great foundation builders for where they both want to be in their careers. It’s also served the needs that we’ve had to support our customers. It’s just been perfect.”

Creativity abounds
While working for DI Labs, Pearce and Fernandez got to put their engineering creativity to the test. Some of the most memorable projects they worked on during their internship included designing an “unbreakable” handle, or a permanent joint that could snap back together. Getting to 3D print smaller projects, like a beer tap handle inspired by Game of Thrones, was just the cherry on top.

“I really like the culture here,” Fernandez said. “It’s very creative and innovative. I usually get bored very easily, but there’s always something new that you can do. It’s a great work environment for coming up with new ideas.”

Tucked away in Spicer, Minnesota, down a small dirt road that’s difficult to find, the business is run out of a refurbished horse barn that Brian and Carl rebuilt themselves. With beer on tap, a pool table by the entryway and at least three industrial 3D printers in the back, the environment alone is enough to inspire.

Perhaps more inspiring is the fact that for a small and relatively new company, DI Labs is entirely self-funded and all their business, Carl said, “Comes from organic sales efforts, success stories, word of mouth and client relationships.”

SciTechsperience is more than happy to help continue the trend, by sharing their story and helping DI Labs connect to more internship opportunities as their business expands.

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Source: SciTechsperience