Custom Designed & Branded Tradeshow Booth Built with 3D Printed Parts

The solution had to provide lots of shelving, be easy to assemble and communicate our key differentiators: quality, creativity & attention to detail.

Project Brief

The problem: How to stand out and communicate our unique differentiators at a large industry tradeshow.
The solution: Design and build our unique differentiators into our booth.

Recently, DI Labs unveiled a new tradeshow booth that showcased our unique approach to problem-solving leveraging the power of additive manufacturing. This booth was designed from the ground up using over 1200 3D-printed parts and over 1,500 parts in total. The cubed shelf concept gave us a beautiful way to display sample parts with built-in custom lighting. The 3D-printed logo created a bold focal point with a design that personified the DI Labs brand.

Project Details

Project Demands
  • Design from the ground up
  • Design for tear down & shipping ease
  • Optimize for product shelving & storage
  • Allow visibility across the booth area
  • Make a statement and look different
  • Build our brand
DI Labs Solutions
  • Custom design
  • 3D printed logo & mounting solution
  • 1,200+ 3D-printed parts
  • 1,500+ total parts
  • Custom lighting solution
  • Fabricated aluminum shelving
  • Custom-cut black anodized pipe


Product Photos