When to Consider Additive Manufacturing for Production

Solutionology Podcast Episode #21 | 15 min


In this mini-episode of the Solutionology Podcast, we’re addressing some of the most common questions we get about volume production using additive manufacturing. In fact, these questions were the driving force behind a technical presentation that Carl Douglass, DI Labs CEO, created and will be delivering at the Medical Device and Manufacturing tradeshow in Minneapolis. We’re just getting warmed up and hope to see you there!

Common questions about volume production with additive manufacturing:

  • What types of applications and projects are the right fit?
  • What reasons should drive the decision to use additive?
  • What reasons should drive the decision NOT to use additive?
  • What does the production part approval (PPAP) process look like?

Takeaways from Carl’s presentation:

  • To successfully leverage additive for production, build it in early
  • High-tolerance parts are possible
  • Additive shouldn’t be considered the end-all-be-all
  • Additive can be a superpower if used in the right applications

MD&M technical presentation details: https://ammn23.mapyourshow.com/8_0/se…

Article in “Plastics Today” about the presentation: https://www.plasticstoday.com/medical…


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:15 Welcome
  • 00:40 MD&M presentation takeaways
  • 02:27 Go & yield applications for additive
  • 04:51 Organizational limitations
  • 05:34 Need a champion and stakeholders
  • 08:28 Keys for successful production
  • 09:27 Developing a production part approval process
  • 11:37 Validating biocompatibility for medical device
  • 13:35 Biggest shortcomings in preparing for additive
  • 14:06 See you at MD&M