The Two-Week Effect: A Friendship that Shaped our Culture

Solutionology Podcast: Episode #12 | 22 min


In this episode, we brought our great friend and team member, Justin Hildebrandt, into the podcast studio during his annual stint at DI Labs. You see, Justin has spent two weeks a year for the past ten years as a DI Labs Solutionologist.

Why only two weeks? Because the rest of the year he’s a highly skilled pilot as part of his family’s agricultural aviation business in Colorado. Justin is a lifelong friend of Brian, Carl, and Sean Douglass. He’s also an avid learner and a passionate problem solver, which is why he spends time at DI Labs each year doing everything from repairing complex technologies, to building dye stations, to installing robots.

During our discussion, Justin shares his unique perspective on our Solutionology culture. He describes witnessing significant, generational technology changes over the years paired with an incredible consistency in focus and customer-centered problem-solving.


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:10 Welcome
  • 2:27 Justin’s background
  • 3:48 Crop dusting is like golf
  • 4:46 An introduction to precision
  • 6:06 Being an aircraft engine mechanic
  • 7:24 Not a fit for the auto industry
  • 7:59 Hunger to learn & high precision
  • 9:51 Two weeks a year for 10 years
  • 10:48 Modeling solutionology
  • 11:31 Generational change and consistency
  • 13:14 Justin’s definition of solutionology
  • 15:25 Advice to customers or team members
  • 16:27 Always hungry to do something new or better
  • 17:19 Evolution of the way we think
  • 18:31 Why DI Labs exists
  • 20:07 You make us better