Supporting Transformational Innovation in Medical Device

Solutionology Podcast: Episode #11 | 33 min


This Solutionology episode is inspired by our work serving the medical device industry, which makes up over 50% of our business. We dig into the details of medical device applications but the takeaways apply to product innovation in many high-end applications where a manufacturing process that supports tight tolerances, exacting quality, unique geometries, design flexibility, and sealed surfaces is absolutely critical to success.

You’ll hear our take on the ways additive manufacturing currently serves medical device applications and the opportunities it has to create transformational innovation when considered earlier in product development cycles. It’s an important topic as we prepare to attend the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) Tradeshow in California which will initiate all kinds of problem-solving and exploratory conversations about additive manufacturing with medical device innovators.

Find us at MD&M:   / md-mwest7022977598309748737  

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  • 01:08 Welcome
  • 02:13 Phases of medical device development
  • 03:14 Driving change toward additive
  • 03:32 Materials
  • 04:11 Functional aspects
  • 05:15 Process controls and traceability
  • 06:12 The speed of evolving technology
  • 06:54 Types of medical device we can support
  • 07:29 Cardiovascular applications
  • 07:54 Enclosures for medical device components
  • 08:15 Internal structures for medical device
  • 08:54 High mix low volume
  • 09:19 Applications in the operating room
  • 09:38 Analogue or digital
  • 10:50 Entire system – greatest advancement for additive
  • 12:11 Benchtop trials and iterate in weeks instead of months
  • 12:24 Design validation and clinical trials in months rather than years
  • 12:42 Supporting the switch from traditional manufacturing to AM
  • 13:40 Opportunities in concept phase for DFAM and components
  • 14:19 Design validation – adapting legacy design to AM
  • 15:22 Early-stage opportunities vs late-stage opportunities
  • 16:34 Ground zero allows for innovation and timeline advancement
  • 17:13 Supporting transformational innovation
  • 18:04 Reducing timelines is our focus
  • 18:20 Full-color printing for enclosures can build confidence
  • 20:10 Enhancing the user experience
  • 20:50 Parts we’ll have at MD&M
  • 21:42 Functional anatomical models
  • 23:46 Consistently high tolerance production
  • 24:26 Visual CMM for dimensional analysis and quality control
  • 25:59 Preproduction analysis & predictive modeling
  • 27:26 Misconceptions about what it takes for consistency
  • 28:34 Quality is a core foundation
  • 30:14 Bring us your pain points at MD&M – connect with Carl