Maximizing Value Using a Digital Mindset

Solutionology Podcast Episode #23 | 14 min


What does it mean to have a digital mindset and how does it open up possibilities in product development and manufacturing?

On this episode of the Solutionology Podcast, Carl and Brian share DI Labs’ journey in creating a consumer product line that has grown exponentially by leveraging the power of a digital mindset and manufacturing process. It allowed us to approach the market without the constraints of traditional manufacturing, accelerate our product launch, and give us a competitive edge through customization.

We started by solving a very specific problem which quickly revealed unexpected market demand and an opportunity to create a wide spectrum of products and variations. Our technology tools include the HP Multi Jet Fusion for printing and the AMT PostPro for finishing.


  • 00:34 Welcome – we’re in a different space
  • 01:13 Product owners and manufacturers
  • 01:51 Product development & testing
  • 02:36 Solving a problem
  • 05:21 Mass customization workflow
  • 07:17 Segmenting the market for variations
  • 08:57 Maximizing value with a digital mindset
  • 09:56 The tools needed
  • 10:57 What we’ve learned