Discovering the Power of Additive: Phytec’s Journey

Solutionology Podcast: Episode #10 | 39 min


In this episode of the Solutionology Podcast, we talk with Serah Peterson, engineer and project lead at PHYTEC America, and learn about her experience working with DI Labs to solve a problem so many innovative companies face: bridging the gap between a new product and its final application so customers can connect more deeply with it, see its potential and appreciate its value.

PHYTEC is an industry-leading provider and integrator of System on Modules (SOMs) which are core components of an embedded processing system. In 2022, they developed a software and chipset for EV chargers that included Texas Instrument components. When they contacted DI Labs, they had been displaying their new product in a fabricated acrylic housing that was functional but not at all reflective of the industry they wanted to serve.

Join us to learn how Serah discovered additive as a potential solution and how DI Labs was able to design and manufacture an EV charger housing that would connect with customers and change the game for the launch of PHYTEC’s innovative new product.

The final PHYTEC solution delivered by DI Labs included product design, prototyping, and low-volume production using HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, Nylon PA12 material, Vapor Smooth finishing, and dyeing.


  • 01:12 Welcome, PHYTEC
  • 02:53 Project details
  • 03:46 EV charger reference design: Rev 0
  • 06:28 Framing the problem: the fish tank
  • 08:43 New product development process
  • 09:26 Initial sketches and translating
  • 10:57 You don’t know what you don’t know
  • 11:41 How DI Labs did it
  • 16:06 Working with electronic files
  • 16:49 Final design
  • 17:20 A housing to connect with customers
  • 19:24 Learning about SOMs
  • 21:30 PHYTEC’s customer base
  • 23:07 Saving years getting to market
  • 24:10 Enabler for the advancement of technology
  • 25:02 Solving supply chain issues
  • 25:54 PHYTEC accelerates action
  • 27:40 Appreciating embedded systems
  • 28:04 Serah’s journey to additive
  • 29:22 “We have to injection mold, right?”
  • 33:00 Parallels of DI Labs & PHYTEC
  • 35:56 Bridging the gap