Material: Continuous Aramid Fiber (Kevlar®)


Continuous Aramid Fiber (Kevlar®)

Tough, highly compliant Continuous Fiber for high-impact applications made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber.
Aramid Fiber is a Kevlar® based, specialized Continuous Fiber known for its energy absorption and extreme toughness. When laid into Onyx or another Composite Base material, it yields impact-resistant parts that are nearly immune to catastrophic failure (fracture). It’s perfect for use in parts that are in demanding environments or are subject to repetitive loading. Dupont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks and registered trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
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Flexural Modulus
(ASTM D790)

  • 26000 Mpa
  • 3771 Ksi

Flexural Strength
(ASTM D790)

  • 240 Mpa
  • 35 Ksi

Tensile Modulus
(ASTM D638)

  • 27000 Mpa
  • 3916 Ksi

Impact Resistance - Notched Izod
(ASTM D256 Method A)

  • 2000 J/M
  • 37.47 FT-LB/IN

Heat Deflection - Temperature
(0.455 MPa (66 Psi), ASTM D648)

  • 105 °C
  • 221 °F

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