DI Labs to Reveal the Future of Product Innovation During Live Stream Event



July 16, 2020: DI Labs is driven by a singular philosophy – invest early and often to meet the emerging needs of the market, even if it’s risky. That approach has placed them on the front lines of digital manufacturing innovation and equipped them to solve some of today’s most urgent and impactful challenges, including medical equipment shortages caused by COVID-19.

Fueled by the needs of the market and a vision for what’s possible, DI Labs is in the midst of their biggest investment yet – a completely reimagined 20,000 sq/ft innovation lab that will be a center of excellence for new, cutting-edge technologies and a resource for companies looking to leverage additive manufacturing as an adaptable strategy to gain a competitive advantage. The facility is set to be completed this summer with a live stream reveal scheduled for August 19, 2020. It will be an online, interactive event designed to provide engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, and supply chain professionals with a behind-the-scenes look at a state-of-the-art digital manufacturing facility focused on innovation, creativity and quality.

“History has shown that success in product development and manufacturing requires extreme flexibility, especially in volatile times like these. With our product innovation experience and our unique additive capabilities, we have a significant opportunity to help clients leverage additive technologies to accelerate their innovation process, adapt to market changes, reduce capital expenses and pivot their strategies to meet changing market conditions,” explained Carl Douglass, Co-Founder and President of DI Labs.

DI Labs is a digital manufacturing powerhouse built by a team of product development engineers who started in 2013 and were immediately frustrated by the limits of early 3D printing technologies. They took matters into their own hands by developing patented 3D printing hardware and eventually building their own prototyping and production facility. Through that process, they were able to test, validate and iterate their unique approach to “accelerating innovation” and begin scaling the concept around emerging market needs. Fast forward to 2020 and their “invest early and often” approach has inspired an expansion project which will make them the premiere and most technology-rich digital manufacturing and innovation center in the Midwest.

The DI Labs advantage lies in their ability to meticulously refine processes and push the limits of each new technology they bring on board. Then they pair those new processes and technologies to achieve unprecedented results. For example, they recently custom designed a face mask, printed it using Multi Jet Fusion and high-performance nylon PA12, then applied a customized finishing process to create a sealed, sanitizable mask with pliable side flanges that can form to facial contours and create a safe, airtight fit.

Brian Douglass, Co-Founder and COO adds, “Unlike others in the industry, our sole objective is not to just run production, but to provide meaningful solutions. We’re product development engineers who are absolutely committed to finding the right solution for each problem a client brings to us – whether that requires a one-off functional prototype, a custom finishing process or thousands of parts delivered the next day.”

DI Labs is located in Minnesota and owned by brothers Carl, Brian and Sean Douglass. They have created a unique company culture founded on the motto “there’s always a solution,” which has allowed them to defy the odds and build one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the Midwest.