DI Labs Adds Engineering-Grade, Full-Color 3D Printing

November 18, 2019: DI Labs recently expanded their technology portfolio with a new machine that is breaking ground in the industry due to its ability to print brilliant, full-color prototypes with the mechanical properties and structural integrity of injection molded parts. Once again, DI Labs will be one of the first companies in the region with the technology.

Brian Douglass, DI Labs Co-founder explains, “Color 3D printing has been around for a while, but this technology is on a completely new level. We can now go directly from design to a fully functional, dimensionally accurate full-color prototype that’s strong enough for field tests, tradeshows or end use. It absolutely changes what’s possible in terms of aesthetics, design, timeline, manufacturing – everything!”

DI Labs has taken a market-driven approach to technology expansion, which is what inspired us to add premium painting and finishing capabilities in early 2018. This new machine is a strategic next step in keeping pace with our client’s need for color, performance and speed. Applications include scaled models for architects or sales teams, prosthetics or anatomical models for medical professionals, and functional prototypes for design teams in the automotive, aerospace, healthcare or agricultural industry.

“Engineering-grade full-color printing is an extremely unique and valuable tool we can use to accelerate innovation for our clients. It’s going to inspire us to continue pushing the boundaries of product design and manufacturing,” adds Carl Douglass, DI Labs Co-founder.