Brake Handle

Aaron Rogers

Brake handle printed with the ADAM Metal printing technology. Part of the exterior has been removed to see the interior support (infill).

Pad Printed Tag


This sample tag was produced using Multi Jet Fusion and PA12 with vapor smooth finishing and two-color pad printing. Pad printing is a great solution for branding and identification marks with up to four colors.

Manufacturing Fixture


Manufacturing fixture produced with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) using ABS plastic. The fixture includes a pocket for an industrial magnet for firm workpiece placement.

Flexible Manifold


The flexible manifold was produced with Multi Jet Fusion and Lubrizol TPU with vapor smoothing finishing. The manifold is flexible for simplified installation and pliable to enable airtight clamp connections.

Air Duct


Automotive air duct produced using Multi Jet Fusion and TPU material for flexibility.

Color Palette – Vapor smoothed


Color test palette printed with full-color Multi Jet Fusion technology using the full-color Nylon PA12 with vapor smoothed finish.

Automotive Vent


Automotive vent enclosure printed as a single part using Multi Jet Fusion technology and Polypropylene.

Personalized Keyfob housings


Personalized aftermarket keyfobs designed to replace the factory Jeep fob housing. Printed with full-color Multi Jet Fusion technology using Nylon PA12 with vapor smooth finish. The housings include SKU numbers, assembly instructions, and branding printed on the interior surfaces to improve the user experience.