DI Labs applies solutionology to every problem we solve, no matter how small. We define it as the artful science of advanced problem solving located at the intersection of critical thinking and creative reasoning. The belief that there is always a solution and one does not rest until the problem is solved, often resulting in something that didn’t already exist in the realm of possibility.


Solutionology Tools


  • Solid modeling services
  • Concept to finished part design
  • Optimization for additive manufacturings
  • Design enhancement for existing parts
  • Industrial and manufacturing design
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    • Agile response and turn-around times
    • Form fit function parts
    • Functional prototypes
    • Proof of concept for market testing
    • Scaled models for sales /marketing
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    Low Volume

    • Injection mold quality
    • Multi Jet Fusion technology
    • Design customization within orders
    • High quality surface finish
    • High strength, durable nylon material
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      • Reproductions
      • Reverse engineering
      • Digitizing tooling & parts
      • Product customization
      • Quality inspection
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      Solutionology Meets Additive Manufacturing


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