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Recently, we did something that's rarely done – gave our customers and the public a live, behind-the-scenes, transparent look at our state-of-the-art 3D printing facility in full production deploying some of the world's most cutting edge technologies. Now you can watch the recorded version as we walk you through our newly expanded facility, share real-world production details, showcase new technologies, and highlight unique case studies. Get inspired about accelerating innovation with additive manufacturing!

Sample Parts

We referenced these sample parts during our live stream. If you didn't receive them and would like to, email Carl Douglass.


Bottle Opener Raw
Technology: Multi Jet Fusion
Material: PA12
Finishing: None


Bottle Opener Dyed
Technology: Multi Jet Fusion
Material: PA12
Finishing: Dyed


Bottle Opener Smooth
Technology: Multi Jet Fusion - Full Color
Material: PA12
Finishing: Chemical Smoothing

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