Digital Manufacturing


We have an in-house digital manufacturing lab with some of the most advanced 3D printing technologies on the market today. Our bank of Multi Jet Fusion machines provide the core of our production while a variety of other printers offer features such as diverse materials and full color. Our engineers and technicians have over 50 years of combined experience in product development, marketing, design and plastics. As solutionologists, we leverage these tools and experience to solve your company's design, prototyping, low volume production and manufacturing problems.


The DI Labs team is focused on digital manufacturing excellence along with design innovation. We help customers get the right combination of printing technologies but can also support their design process in order to enhance the functionality, performance and visual appeal of their products and parts.

* ITAR registered
  • Prototyping
  • Low Volume Production
  • Design Suport
  • Design Optimization
  • Painting
  • Plating




Clients come to us with an existing design concept and, unlike other vendors, we always take time to understand the problem they are solving and do any necessary market research, technical exploration and creative brainstorming to help support their success. We often see opportunities to enhance their design or approach.


The design is now built into a form that can be fully validated for function, performance and appeal. Rapid prototyping is one of our specialties, and with our proprietary locking system, we can build full-scale dimensionally-accurate mock-ups of even the most complex products or parts.


This part of process can be highly collabortive as we finalize the design and create a strategy for efficient, cost-effective production. We offer in-house printing for low volume orders with a wide variety of strength, finish and material demands. Part of our final solution can also include future manufacturing options and vendor sourcing for higher volumes at full scale.