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The DI Labs team offers aerospace solutions that meet the industry's growing need for accelerated timelines, customization, rapid prototyping and design innovation. Our lab is equipped with some of the industry’s most cutting-edge technologies including Multi Jet Fusion additive manufacturing and 3D scanning. Our services are backed by over 50 years of combined experience in product development, marketing, design, engineering and plastics. As solutionologists, we leverage these tools to help aerospace engineers successfuly get from concept to final solution in record time.

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Our vast amount of experience in engineering, product development, marketing, design and plastics combined with our in-house 3D printing and scanning capabilities allow us to offer a wide range of services that can contribute to your solution:
  • Full-scale mockups with realistic look and feel
  • Design support & enhancements
  • Design optimization for additive prototypes & parts
  • Low-volume, injection-mold-quality parts
  • One-off custom parts for in-cabin personalization
  • Extreme focus & accelerated timelines




The concept stage is all about defining and evaluating the problem from every possible angle. We work closely with our client to develop deep insights about the problem and their desired outcome. Using the insights, we develop concept solutions through a highly iterative, dynamic and collaborative process. We leverage our diverse perspectives and experiences from many different industries to enrich the concept solutions. The concept solutions are evaluated and ranked for effectiveness, the superior concept option is chosen and refined prior to validation.


The chosen concept is validated through functional prototyping, one of our core competencies. We have developed the design process and panel joining system to build full-scale dimensionally accurate mock-ups of complex fuselages, parts or accessories. Once the solution is validated with the client, we begin production through the scale stage.


The scale stage is where the final step of magic happens. Our final solution factors in manufacturing options, vendor sourcing, design customization and plans for future changes to ensure long-term success. DI Labs completes the design and produces the final solution, with regular client updates. The final solution is shipped or can be delivered as a “white glove” service.



"The mock-up was excellent. Everything aligned so we could quickly assemble in our other components and start evaluating. This kept me on and even ahead of schedule. Everyone has been impressed with the quality.”

-- Aerospace R&D Engineer and DI Labs Customer

“I've been extremely impressed with the incredible support, knowledge, and service provided by DI Labs. They make 3D printing easy and valuable. I’ve been most impressed with their multi-jet fusion nylon parts and would recommend them to any manufacturer in the aerospace industry.”

-- Aerospace Business Owner & DI Labs Customer

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